Conservation is killing mice and rats with traps…

If we're serious about saving our native birds, bush and flora from predators then the solution requires breaking the Predator Life Cycle by using Graham's mouse and rat traps.

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Dead Easy Traps

Dead Easy traps are the highly effective line of kill trap solutions from Graham's, initially covering rats and mice, but extending to stoats, ferrets and possums in the future.

The plastic pinch trap offers the ability to add bait before the trap is set, a significant safety improvement over the current market leader. The plastic models are available in versions for rat, or mouse trapping.

Mouse Trap

Mice don't stand a chance with the strong clamping force of our mouse traps.

  • Strong clamping force for a humane kill
  • Safer than traditional wood and wire traps


Rat Trap

If you need to trap rats, you need to have a trap that's top quality.

  • Made from duarble, high quality materials
  • Intelligent trigger plate design

Sleek & discreet design


Biodegradable Traps

We also sell fully biodegradable mouse traps, made entirely of unbleached corrugated card, a degradable rubber band & water based glue.

  • Earth friendly and non-toxic
  • Sets in 1 second
  • Non-spring trap
  • Disposable or reusable

Classic Traps

Vintage wood & wire traps

  • Cost effectve trap solution for the budget minded consumer
  • Long-standing wire traps
  • Clearly identifiable mouse trap

Trap and release in a non-vulnerable area

Live Trap

Trap and release in a non-vulnerable area

  • Humane trapable area for mouse
  • Effortless removable of mouse
  • Reusable and easy to clean

Bait Station

Perfect for sheds, barns and outside areas

  • Lockable trap to safekeep poison and bait
  • Fits most common bait pellets
  • Sleek, unobtrusive design

Trap great for outside areas

Bait and Trap Station*

Traps for outside use

  • Unique locking feature to keep kids and pets away
  • Minimal obtrusion design
  • Reusable and easy to clean

* Kill trap not included.