Graham's started from humble beginnings, and has progressed into a Nationwide brand.

Did you know…

New Zealand's native plants and animals evolved without predators and are unable to compete with introduced species.

Graham's is a part of the Pudney & Lee group and was founded because we recognised a gap in the market for effective and humane traps.
Pest control has been part of the Pudney family life since 1973, when John Pudney purchased 350 acres of farmland and native forest in the Marlborough Sounds. Mice, rats, stoats, cats, goats, deer and endless possums have always been on the 'wanted' list for the Pudney children. As a consequence we have all been raised with an acute awareness of the damage caused by invasive species, as well as a deep love of New Zealand's native birds, flora and fauna.
Today, here at Pudney & Lee, we are building on these early experiences by actively reducing our enivironmental impact. We carry out extensive recycling of our packaging and waste, and have fully refitted our offices and warehouse with smart LED lighting.


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